Franchesco Bed 3d model


Franchesco Bed 3d model

It’s high poly mesh object perfect for closed shots

I create this model on  3ds Max & Vray

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Franchesco Bed 3d model

Franchesco Bed 3d model

It’s a nice model high poly mesh ready to use no need editing.

The materials are available in the Max file format with V-Ray.

Dimension Real-world, centimeter UVW Texture coordinates: UVW Unwrapped

NOTS. for a more smoothing result you can raise the turbo smooth amount

Franchesco Bed 3d model

Model Details

It’s a modern design for Bedrooms

This is a Highpoly mesh based on real modeling.

It’s a perfect model for interior designs and closes up shots.

Also the textures in this model it’s high resolution.

In addition, find our work here.

also You can download and test one of my free models before purchasing a model here.




Franchesco Bed 3d model


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