3d applications, In the beginning, the 3d it’s short for 3 dimensions. It adds the third dimension to your 2d image. So you got 3 factors XYZ that gives you the depth the same real world as we live in not only computer-generated image.

It also has levels depending on the resolution and the 3d application you used and many other things. Basically I will talk about the most popular 3d applications in the market today. By simply explaining the difference between each of them.

Autodesk Maya, 3D Studio Max, Cinema 4D, Blender. For sure there are more than these four applications, But these 4 applications are the most popular used today in the 3d market. What the difference between them if they do similar functions? It will be more confusing if you know Maya & 3D Max belongs to the same company Autodesk.

I will be honest with you and I will try to avoid my personal opinion aside as I can give you facts only.

These applications doing the same function. They do it in different ways. some of them easy and others not it’s. Depending on where on the artist how used this application also many other things.

Maya, it’s an amazing application you can use it in modeling, animation….etc. Whatever you want to do. It’s a huge application in the 3d market. The big companies depending on it as a prime application.

Blender open-source application. It’s given you many tools for many functions in 3d industrial.

Cinema 4D it’s a nice application for 3d. It has a unique function with the compositing applications it’s a very useful application for making 3d intros.

3D Max, it’s a perfect application for architecture work. But if you need advanced modelings like cars, organic characters, or complex models. It will be not a good choice because it took a long time for each model. It’s not a good thing in commercial work you have died line to deliver.

The assistant applications

This point’s a very huge category. It’s not only applications but also scripts & plugins. So I will try to make it short as I could the main assist applications. For example ZBrush, Mudbox or plugins like VRay, Corona, Arnold or scripts and it’s so huge to be contained.

So If you want into this field you need it to choose your application depending on the function of that application if you want working animator I recommended Maya if you want working interior design & architecture I told you going for 3d max also blender if you going to working in TV Channel or compositing Cinema 4D will be your favorite.

 The 3d market today

The 3d market today it’s very huge there is 3d printing, gaming, architectural, animation…etc. it’s growing every day and it’s the future it’s like art these applications it’s useful and helpful tools to get the idea from your mind to something the others can see it in real life.

Thank you very much for your time and effort!