Top Renderer engines in 3d max

Top Renderer Engines in 3D Max Mental ray Since version 4.2 discreet company buys mental ray as advanced render engine has more realistic physical calculation. Mental ray became default 3ds max until version 2016. After that Autodesk give up on it and replace it with ART render engine. Arnold, it’s the default 3ds max render […]

Modeling the chesterfield Column in 5 steps

1-Make Cylinder as you like with the dimension put edit poly on it try to increase segments to be squared   2-Remove the top/bottom faces and put turbosmooth on our cylinder  3- Select all faces in the cylinder and make tessellate don’t put any numbers just leave the command doing the job for you it […]

Introduction of 3d applications

3d applications, In the beginning, the 3d it’s short for 3 dimensions. It adds the third dimension to your 2d image. So you got 3 factors XYZ that gives you the depth the same real world as we live in not only computer-generated image. It also has levels depending on the resolution and the 3d […]